In our members own words…

Why did you decide to join Tague Alliance?

  • I needed to diversify my book of business and I needed new markets to do this in order to grow and not stagnate. The great result was higher commissions and a lot more incentive to improve the business.


  • Values, flexibility, willingness to accommodate my needs.


  • Carrier access / appointments


  • Access to LOB without a large premium commitment.


  • Favorable recommendations on different websites by former captive agents.


  • Trusted Steve Tague to partner with.


  • Also, to have access to great carriers and hopefully grow quickly and profitably.


  • Steve Tague. I talked to him on the phone and knew immediately he was a man of character. I knew he would be fair in our business dealings. The Tague team provided access to quality insurance companies. I have benefited from profit sharing and production incentives.


  • The honesty and integrity of Steve Tague and his persistence in reiterating his belief in the benefits of the SIAA organization.


  • The support and guidance that was and is offered.


  • Small agency starting out needing access to carriers.


  • To be part of a team with training and help as needed.


  • Opportunity to get appointments immediately and be able to launch my independent agency.


  • The ability to have immediate access to high-quality insurance markets/carriers.


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Tague Alliance operates primarily in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties.  All prospects outside of our territory will be forwarded by us to the SIAA Master Agency in your area.

Please complete the fields below accurately and completely so we can be of service to you.  We appreciate your interest in Tague Alliance and SIAA.