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Tague Alliance – Gut Check Video About Social Media And How We Should Use It

Hey Tague Members,

Great seeing many of you at our member meeting yesterday!  I came across a social media/social selling/marketing guru a few days ago who has been around a while and built a huge brand for his company.  Gary Vaynerchuk, which some of you may have heard of, is extremely engaging because he gives you an in your face honest engagement.  WARNING – If cursing bothers you be forewarned there are plenty of f-bombs in this video.  I personally try not to cuss so I had to get over it and just soak up the amazing insights.  With that said, the content is meaty and I believe so relevant and worth the time to watch (40+ mins in total).  If you hate this info and post, my apologies!

Gary’s presentation is from a talk he gave back in 2016 and he has tons and tons of other great content, etc.  The video is long so I have given a few time points below if you want to skip around to a couple of the topics I thought were good.

14:50; 16:05; 19:40; 22:29; 27:19, 29:57

Wishing you a pleasant journey as you add more value to, than you take from, your prospects and clients!


Tony V





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