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6 Tips For Better Writing

Hello Tague Members,

For those of you who are writing blog posts, web content, prospecting materials, etc. following these few tips will help you a ton.

Below is an excerpt from an article in Time. Link to full article is at the end.

Be visual and conversational. Be concrete, make your reader see and stop trying to impress.

Beware “the curse of knowledge.” Have someone read your work and tell you if it makes sense. Your own brain cannot be trusted.

Don’t bury the lead. Clarity beats suspense. If they don’t know what it’s about they can’t follow along.

You don’t have to play by the rules, but try. If you play it straight 99% of the time, that 1% will really shine.

Read Read Read. The English language is too complex to learn from one book. Never stop learning.

Good writing means revising. Never hit “send” or “print” without reviewing your work — preferably multiple times.



Tony V

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