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Agency Staffing Model Video

Hola Tague Amigos!

I spend a lot of my time in the late night consuming insurance content and videos as I am trying to soak up insights and information about all types of different topics.  Came across this little gem of a video that was posted about four or five years ago by an agency consultant.   It is the simplicity of this video and the agency model that he outlines that paints a very easy to understand model for structuring agency staffing.

One of the key takeaways: be honest with yourself and your team about each employee’s strengths.  Some people are not comfortable selling and are much better suited to handle service, while others love selling but not all the rest of the detail work.

The consultant uses the term “multi-lining” and only in the context of personal insurance.  My recommendation is that you think of this as cross-selling personal and commercial along with the life and health.  The goal of an independent insurance agency is to put as many hooks into the client as possible in order to ramp up long-term client retention, which is the real power of our industry.

Cheers!  Tony V