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Staffing Is Always Tough – WAHVE (Work At Home Vintage Experts) May Be Worth A Look

Hello Tague Members,

A few SIAA Master Agencies around the country have used WAHVE to help staff their AccessPlus teams with great success. WAHVE is an insurance based contract work provider and they offer seasoned contract workers in a variety of positions. If you are at a crossroad in your agency where you cannot afford a full-time employee, but you need help WAHVE may be a good option for you. The way it works is there is a setup fee and then you interview a number of WAHVEs to find the one you want to contract with. Then you pay WAHVE a per hour amount which covers the cost of pay, Work Comp, etc. While Tague Alliance has never used WAHVE I did look at them seriously when we have a couple of maternity leaves on our team. We were able to cover the workload with other staff, but WAHVE was going to be my “Plan B”. For some of you, WAHVE could be a “Plan A” to help you get some extra capacity that you need. We do not have a relationship with WAHVE so this is just a heads up on this resource that many agency owners are not aware of.

Cheers!  Tony V

Copy of the WAHVE newsletter for September:

What if an Employer’s Next Great Hire is 2000 Miles Away?
There are new workforce trends that make remote work an even smarter solution than ever before. A recent reportDynamism in Retreat by the bipartisan think-tank, the Economic Innovation Group, has identified two economic realities:

1) Business Creation, an integral part of economic health and growth, continues to stagnate, ultimately preventing the economy from being in a “constant state of rebirth, serving to replace dying industries, foster competition with incumbent companies, and produce new, higher wage jobs.”
2) There are fewer jobs available, and they’re accessible to even fewer people because of geographic concentration. As a result, “the preponderance of business creation is now intensely concentrated in a handful of metropolitan hubs that have managed to maintain resiliency amidst the national slowdown.”
So what’s an employer to do if their in-town talent pool is a bit thin? Or what happens when someone loves everything about where they live but the available jobs? They go online. They embrace a remote work solution like WAHVE…and end up discovering how technology can transform everything.
If you’re ready to hire or ready to be hired, let us help you find your perfect match!
Sharon Emek, PhD, CIC
CEO and President; Work At Home Vintage Experts
Harness the Power of a Senior Workforce
Employers are taking varied approaches to older workers. As the New York Times summarized two ends of the spectrum:
At a time when digital skills are prized and businesses place a premium on youth, some employers subtly seek to push out older workers. They deny them raises once awarded routinely, reduce their responsibilities or give evaluations that are cold and complain of waning productivity.
Then there are the employers who do the opposite. They go the extra mile to assure experienced employees that they are valued and that management is eager for them to stay.
Fortunately, WAHVE isn’t alone in believing the latter approach pays bigger dividends. There are multiple examples of innovative programs that prove beneficial for both employer and employee.
  • CVS Pharmacies offers a “snowbird” program, which transfers older pharmacists and other workers to warmer climates during the winter months to help with the seasonal surge in business.
  • The tire company, Michelin, extends white-collar careers by transferring employees to part-time positions after age 50.
  • In a twist on childcare benefits, the National Institutes of Health offers emergency care for employees’ parents.
It’s a smart move that keeps valuable talent and skill sets in the job market longer, which is a particularly savvy business move given the qualities of today’s senior workers. As Deborah Banda, AARP’s acting vice president for financial security explains, “Today’s older workers are healthier and a lot more technologically savvy than older workers of previous generations. They bring a lot to the workplace – many employers are seeing that. They know that recruiting and retaining older workers is good for their business. If they weren’t good for their business, these employers wouldn’t be doing this.”
Well said Deborah – we’ve seen the way senior employees are transforming the workplace through remote work, and we couldn’t agree more!
Hire A Wahve or Become A Wahve
Please visit the WAHVE booth at one of these upcoming industry events and see how we can help you get hired or find your next great employee:

September 24-26
IIANC 120th Annual Convention / Myrtle Beach, SC

September 25-28 

Applied Net 2017 / Las Vegas, NV
October 3-5
IIA of Illinois CONVO 2017 / Tinley Park, IL
October 26-29
November 9-11
IIAC Mid-Year Conference / Plantsville, CT
WAHVE in the news
Rethinking the Workforce
NetVU News Flash | August 4, 2017

Time to rethink business as usual. And that includes who we perceive to be our best hires. Those could be the retiring and retired demographic.
That’s because older workers have what the millennial crowd has yet to acquire: broad experience and knowledge. The veteran workforce has proven their commitment to their companies and their industry. They understand the needs of the business and are adept at problem-solving.

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All About Age + Chat w/Sharon Emek 

Retirepreneur Donne Kastner  | 
On this podcast Retirepreneur’s Donna Kastner talks with WAHVE’s Sharon’s about her championing a more flexible staffing model that’s gaining attention, changing lives, and yielding impressive results for all who are involved.

Listen to the podcast here

Press Release  | July 20, 2017

The Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina (IIANC), the largest professional independent insurance agents’ association in the state, has endorsed  Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) to provide contract staffing services to its members.

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Endorsed by the following IIABA state associations
California (IIABCAL)
Florida  (FAIA)
Louisiana (IIABL)
Nebraska (IIAN)
Rhode Island (IIARI)
Tennessee (IOT)
Wyoming (AWIA)
Colorado (PIIAC)
Illinois (IIA of IL)
Maine (MIAA)
New Jersey (IIABNJ)
South Carolina (IIABSC)
Delaware, Pennsylvania
Maryland (IAB)
Connecticut (IIAC)
Texas (IIAT)
Kansas (KAIA)
Massachussetts (MAIA)
New York (IIABNY)
Utah (UAIIA)
North Carolina (IIANC)
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